As Dubai's leading artist and entertainment booking agency, The Fridge is renowned for spearheading many of the city's most high-profile events from conception, to artistic direction and production, and is widely known for its growing portfolio of eclectic, talented musicians.

Since its inception in 2007, The Fridge has been promoting, managing, collaborating, and constantly searching for platforms for the growing performing arts scene in the region. From the outset, the focus has been to support and promote locally based musicians of the highest standard. Born of the belief that the only way to bring soul and a genuine music scene to Dubai is organically from the ground up, The Fridge encourages creativity, collaboration and sharing of knowledge, from fusion to classical, jazz to rock, funk and hip hop.

Based in a large two-storey warehouse in Al Quoz, this ensures The Fridge the freedom to support the local arts community by hosting classes, regular concerts, rehearsal sessions and workshops.

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