Judy Brown

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Judy Brown is one of South Africa's most sought-after saxophonists and is set to push musical boundaries with her forthcoming debut dance album, Liquid Sax. She has featured at numerous high-profile events around South Africa, as a soloist and in collaboration with some of the country's top performers. Judy has become a house-hold name due to her esteemed performances with the Barnyard Theatres across SA for the last decade.

Judy holds a Bachelor of Music degree from UCT specializing in Jazz Arrangement and Composition. Her extensive repertoire covers a broad range of styles from jazz and popular contemporary to original songs off her innovative album 'Liquid Sax'. Her versatility as a performer renders her a first choice for weddings, corporate events, big concerts and festivals. Judy is available as soloist, with her DJ, VJ and dancers, or with the popular Afro-Fusion band CODA