The Fridge Concert Series

On May 11th 2009 The Fridge opened its warehouse doors for the first time to provide a stage for locally based musicians and artists to freely present their works to an audience hungry to consume them.

In a city with an abundance of entertainment but a dearth of professional, concert level performances, The Fridge Concert Series is a programme for true lovers of music to gather and experience performers pushing their artistic limits.

The Fridge Concert Series holds no prejudice towards genre or style, only quality and calibre; shining the spotlight on everything from jazz & opera to dance, indie & hip-hop. There is truly something for everyone who comes with a mind open, prepared to experience performances of the highest standard.

For an artist to take our stage there are only three rules:

- you have to be based and living in the UAE

- playing original material

- it's gotta be good

We are always on the look out for fresh and exciting acts to showcase as part of The Fridge Concert Series so if you think you have what it takes drop us a line.