The team

Shelley Frost

  • Director

Shelley Frost is the Founder and Director of the region's premiere artist, entertainment and music management company, The Fridge. SInce 2007, The Fridge is dedicated to supporting and developing the music and performing arts platform in the UAE and wider region. Shelley and her team are renowned for setting international standards and spearheading many high-profile events from conception through to the production.

A respected and accomplished performer herself and based in the Middle East for over 15 years, Shelley has a strong understanding of the entertainment subtleties of the Middle East, and holds a steadfast belief in the importance of creating a vibrant and culturally inclusive platform for the performing arts. The Fridge is committed to and recognised for its diverse and bold programming with a specific focus on cultural growth and education. Shelley and her team are well known for their ability to galvanise the media to attract and build new and eager audiences. The Fridge encourages creative bravery, collaboration and the sharing of knowledge, providing diversity to the wider audiences in the region - from fusion to classical, jazz to rock, funk and hip hop as well as all types of performing arts.