Stoyan Stoyanov

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Stoyan is both a musician & composer with outstanding skills in major music spheres including classical, jazz, pop, electronic and ambient styles. He studied extensively at the State Music Academy "Pancho Vladigerov" in Sofia, Bulgaria where he honed his craft as both a concert pianist and professional accordionist. Since relocating to Dubai Stoyan has performed at a number of pretegious events as a soloist as well as a principle member of the Arabic Fusion supergroup Ziryab and has had compositional work featured and performed in several television broadcasts as well as the 2011 Patron of The Arts Awards.

Other notable composition credits include:

RTA Green Line Inauguration - Original music composition

Cirque du Souq - Original music composition and performer

Kalubela - Musical Director

Patrons of the Arts Awards 2011 - Original music composition and conductor

Patrons of the Arts Awards 2012 - Original music composition and conductor

EMAAR - The Centre Of Now 2012 TVC and Stills ad campaigns - Conductor

Close Up toothpaste ad campaign 2012 - Middle East and Africa - Original music composition and app development